The Best Brazilian Wax in Portland

5 Star Review

 Our staff is trained and skilled at providing an unlimited amount of knowledge about our unique products and are encouraged to assist you  to find what will keep your skin pampered and cared for after you step  out of our door. 

Ladies only Side

 Here at The Wax Skin Spa we believe women should feel comfortable as  well as have the privacy they expect and deserve when visiting our  Goddess Haven. With our design of a two sided spa, we can offer our  female clients the reassurance of anonymity along with the professional  and relaxing appeal one would only foresee.  

Customized Services

  Along with great services, we also provide a unique  selection of aftercare products from Epicuren & Sothys, two of the best skin care lines available today. We like to think your services are  not finished as soon as you leave our Haven.  

Ladies Waxing

Everyone has beauty , but not every one sees it..*Confucies Says

Tint That/Scrub me!

To be beautiful means to be yourself. You dont need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.

Let us teach you a few of our beauty secrets.